Solar service provides you with a comprehensive solar service package that is the industry standard. Daily monitoring of the system, free maintenance, and repairs, as well as complete insurance coverage.

Both our monthly leasing and our prepaid lease plans include our industry-leading service package as a standard inclusion. Customers in certain regions now have the option to purchase our service package in conjunction with the financing or outright purchase of their residential solar energy and battery storage. 

Examine the many plans and services offered by solar lease disadvantage. Warranty Coverage for the Entire Solar System Is Currently Available With the worry-free warranty that solar lease disadvantages provide, you are entirely covered. 

We put in a lot of effort to guarantee that your system is performing at its very best, we collaborate with the most reputable equipment manufacturers in the business, and the members of our installation crews have more than 20 years of expertise installing systems. 

Our all-inclusive, bumper-to-bumper warranty covers free equipment replacement and system repairs, including all necessary parts and labour.  Additionally, we promise that our roof penetrations will remain free of leaks for an entire decade. Refer to the contract that you have with solar lease disadvantages for further information about your warranty.

Monitoring Of The Solar System With Proactivity

We place a high priority on the operation of your system. When you go solar with one of our monthly plans or Protection Plus packages, we can provide daily monitoring of your system to guarantee that you are extracting the maximum amount of energy from the sun. 

Your system will always operate at its highest possible level thanks to our cutting-edge monitoring technology, which alerts us to any potential problems before they arise.

Your solar panels are safeguarded by Sunrun’s all-encompassing insurance coverage. The comprehensive insurance coverage that is included in each of our monthly lease options safeguards your complete system against the risk of being stolen or damaged.