How The Installation Of Commercial Solar Panels Affects Your Company

Our company can reap a number of benefits from making an investment in commercial solar panels, the most important of which is a decrease in its running expenses. 

Our company has the opportunity to save its annual energy costs by thousands of dollars with the installation of a solar energy system. Because of this, firms are able to free up working capital for use in other aspects of their operations.

Solar panels do not call for any extra maintenance to be performed on your home or property, and the majority of solar energy systems come with a warranty that is good for up to 25 years.

Because utilizing this renewable energy source demonstrates that you are doing your part to conserve the earth, it has the potential to function as an additional marketing tool that draws people to your company.

Products We Offer

We provide a wide range of goods and services that have been developed for business applications in particular. They include a variety of choices for mounting on commercial roofs, alternatives for mounting on the ground, tracking systems, and solar carports. 

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One of our items that has received a lot of attention is the roof mount option. As long as there are not significant problems with shading, we are able to perform installations on virtually every kind of roof.

If, on the other hand, you have access to a sizable piece of undeveloped land, ground-mounted panels are an excellent choice for you to consider.  Because they are not confined to a certain surface area, such as a roof, there are more possibilities for tilting and angling them, which will enable you to make better use of the sun’s direct rays. 

Rooftop solar panels are an example of this. In their most basic form, solar carports are just ground-mounted panels of sufficient height to accommodate a vehicle. They offer a one-of-a-kind solution for businesses that want to cover parking spaces in order to shield vehicles from the elements while also collecting solar energy. 

Solar carports, much like ground-mounted panels, offer a great deal of versatility in terms of the number of solar panels that may be employed and a wide variety of chances for achieving ideal sun exposure.

Commercial Incentives

Solar panels present businesses with a number of different opportunities for financial gain.  If a company participates in the SMART programme and has solar panels installed, the owner will receive a payment from their energy provider every month for the next 20 years, based on the owner’s solar production meter. 

An additional incentive value is assigned to the solar production of homeowners who have a battery (Tesla Powerwall) installed in conjunction with their solar panels.

In the same way that homeowners profit from an enhanced incentive value for their solar production, company owners that have a battery (such as a Tesla Powerwall) installed in conjunction with their solar panels can also capitalize on the depreciation of their newly acquired solar equipment. 

Not only does the owner of a business that has a battery have a backup supply in the event of an outage and daily charge cycling, but they also receive additional compensation for having one.

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