In order to view a satellite picture of your house and calculate your usage, all we need is your address. Our team’s knowledge and skills, along with our solid building background, enable us to provide you with a variety of choices if you don’t have enough roof space. 

We may visit your property at no cost to perform a thorough shade study, evaluate the building’s structural soundness, and take accurate ground space measurements. If you want assistance deciding whether energy storage is a good option for you, contact US service, an authorized installer, and retailer of the Tesla Powerwall. 

Our knowledgeable team can assist you to assess whether or not your property is eligible for our services thanks to Mass Renewables’ history in construction. To determine which solar panel is ideal for you, we will also take a look at your electric bill. 

After deciding that you might be a candidate, we will visit your property to evaluate the ground space, roof structure, and shading problems. Too much shade can be a problem because our panels need enough sunshine to perform effectively. 

Solar panels can be installed with the removal of some shade-producing obstacles, such as trees. Others, like nearby structures, could be insurmountable obstacles. We can help you estimate any additional costs that might have an impact on your investment.

Your roof’s construction is also crucial. We can complete installations more easily the more available roof area you have. Having said that, your roof doesn’t need to be completely clear for us to finish the task. 

Features like chimneys, vent pipes, and skylights can be avoided during construction. As long as your house has enough unobstructed ground area, ground mounted solar panels are an excellent alternative if your roof is not appropriate for installing solar panels.

Which System Is Best For Your Home: Ground Mounting Tracking Or Roof Mounting?

Tracking solar panels that are mounted on the ground or on the roof each have their own advantages. For people with little yards or those who like to use their lawn only for decks or swimming pools, the rooftop option is appropriate. 

You won’t need to make any significant landscaping compromises because the solar panel system is fully mounted on the roof. Additionally protecting the roof, roof panels help the roof last longer. 

We provide a wide variety of options if ground mounting is a possibility and you don’t have enough roof space. A substantial ground mount can be the best option if you have limitless room. The best option for you would be a tracking system if your space is limited.

A tracking program may cost a bit more up front, but it is typically 45% more effective. A tracker’s ROI can be comparable to that of a much bigger ground- or roof-mounted device.

Renewable Residence Energy Incentives

Participants in the SMART programme who have solar panels on their homes will get monthly payments from their utility company depending on their solar production meter for a period of ten years. 

Owners that install a battery with their solar (Tesla Powerwall) receive a higher incentive value for their solar production. Now, owning a battery not only provides a backup source for power outages and daily battery cycling, but it also earns the owner extra money!