How May My Sunrun Service Contract Be Transferred If I Move?

Our staff of Service Transfer Specialists is here to help you through the procedure; they have handled hundreds of solar service transfers.  The expert can assist the transfer on your behalf because they are familiar with every detail of your particular service agreement.

And even better, we promise that the new owners will be eligible for our solar services. We’ll take care of everything, from trying to educate realtors and potential buyers to working with escrow officers, title agents, property owners, and anyone else who might have to know about your system or solar service agreement, once you’ve informed prospective buyers in advance of your solar service transfer.

Following the signing of the service transfer documentation by both of you once you’ve identified a buyer, we’ll perform a light credit report on the buyer. You only need to email us verification that the escrow has closed after the buyer’s credit is verified before you’re done.

How Can I Make Sure That Moving With A Sunrun Contract And Home Solar Gear Goes Without A Hitch?

We are aware that the process of purchasing or selling a house can be challenging. We strive to make any transfer of solar service as simple and hassle-free as we can because of this.

What Should I Do If The Prospective Buyer Of My House Is Not Eager To Transfer My Solar Service Contract?

If the buyer decides against switching to clean place solar, you can prepay for the remaining period of service and include it in the sale price of your house. The buyers will receive solar power from the remaining portion of your service after paying for it.

What If I Want To Move And Maintain My Panels?

You are welcome to purchase your home solar system and transport it to your new home if you would like to keep your rooftop solar panels and home batteries. It is advised that you employ an expert to remove them as well, much like with residential solar installation.

Solar panel removal by professionals can be expensive and difficult; it can be more cost-effective to sell your solar system along with your house and buy a new one when you move.  

When you move into your new house, think about investing in solar panels and a home battery and taking full advantage of incentives like a state solar tax credit, the federal investment tax credit, and local rebates.

What If I Purchased My Sunrun Solar Power Setup?

How you arrange the transfer depends on whether you purchased your solar system outright or with a solar loan. While it is possible to remove your solar system and transport it to your new home, this can be time-consuming and expensive. 

We advise you to sell the solar system along with your house and factor its price into the sale price. According to recent studies, rooftop solar panels not only boost a home’s value but may also hasten its sale. 

Residential Solar System Installations Can Raise Home Value

Families all around the nation want to invest in clean, renewable energy and are prepared to do so. Homebuyers are willing to pay an additional $15,000 for the typical home solar installation. 

In fact, solar panels might help your house sell more quickly. A research that looked specifically at solar panels owned by homeowners found that homes in California with energy-saving features sold more swiftly than those without.