You are interested in installing solar panels, but you aren’t exactly sure how to get started, are you? It’s likely that you have quite a few queries. How steep of an angle does my roof need to have for me to be able to install solar panels? 

Your roof spends some time in the shade, and the sun will not really shine brightly in your region very often, is that correct? When searching for information on the internet, it can be difficult to know whether the things that you hear or read are reliable. 

When it comes to the planning of your solar installation, we would be happy to assist you in making the first significant choice: Where should the solar panels be mounted? The good news is that there are more potential solutions than you might at first believe. 

Because there is an infinite supply of sunlight, it is smart to put money into the installation of solar panels. In addition to that, it provides you with the chance to do your part in preserving the natural world. Additionally, you can reduce the cost of your monthly electricity payment.

We Offering This Kinds Of Solar Panel Service:

 Solar Cells On The Roof

Installing a new roof is undoubtedly the option that is selected the most frequently. You can mount your panel on your tiles utilizing specialized mounting methods if you so choose. This option is open to you. The slope of the roof and the amount of sunlight available often make the roof the ideal location for the most productive growing space.

Solar Cells On Flat Roofs

Due to the fact that your home was constructed with a level roof, adding solar panels should not be too difficult. Simply make sure that you have selected the correct mounting system:

 your solar panels must not be integrated into the frame in any way. Because the tiles do not need to be removed before the panels can be installed, this method is not only more cost-effective but also more efficient than complete integration.

Solar Cells ON A PORCH

Installing solar panels not only generates environmentally friendly energy but also shields you from the sun. Solar panels installed on a porch are often smaller, simpler systems that may be quickly and easily incorporated into the structure itself.

Solar Panel Systems Attached To A Garage Or Carport

The energy that your car requires can be generated within your garage. There are two distinct categories of garage construction. Solar panels can be attached to the roof of your garage annex by using specialised mounting systems or by being directly integrated into the roofing material. 

Separated from your home by a garage or carport: the solar panels on the carport are placed in the same way that you would install an installation on the ground. A perfect option for use in places with limited space (1 to 6 panels).

Solar Panels On The Ground

Make the most of your home’s available space by converting it into electricity. You have a vast garden? Why don’t you generate some of your own electricity with this space? 

In the case of an installation with a fixed floor, you should arrange your panels in such a way that they produce at important periods of the day. Or you could go with a portable system in the style of a flower that generates energy throughout the entire year! 

On our Solar service page, you may find additional information about mounting systems for ground installations. In our installation guide, we cover all of the different mounting solutions and offer you with all of the relevant information about each one. 

In addition, we have compiled a few shopping recommendations that will assist you in selecting the appropriate apparatus. Do you require extra guidance in making the appropriate selection of equipment? You are welcome to make use of our Solar Configurator at no cost.